INOXPA have been celebrating their fiftieth anniversary with a range of activities and events during 2022, which have proved very special for each the corporate and all its workers.
The celebration of this anniversary can only be understood by looking back, a story that started in 1972 when Mr Candi Granés founded INOXPA. At the time, it was a small firm founded in Banyoles, specialising in manufacturing hydraulic pumps, which over the years and thru many people’s efforts, would go on to become the INOXPA of right now, a big and extremely prestigious business group, with offices, engineering centres and production centres everywhere in the world.
The main event of the celebration happened in May with a 3-day conference. Representatives from the company’s sales workplaces and a few customers that have helped INOXPA grow over these 50 years attended this event.
The occasion included a look back at the company’s historical past, and the presentation of new constructions, new installations and new products that gave been launched in the following months, such as the INNOVA mini valves, the counter-rotating agitator and other gear required for processing liquids and solids, among others.
The celebration concluded with a dinner for all the workers from the Banyoles head workplace, the totally different gross sales places of work and the shoppers.
INOXPA has additionally been implementing some smaller actions to commemorate the anniversary, corresponding to labelling some of our major merchandise with a particular emblem to mark the occasion and creating totally different particular merchandising components for this distinctive celebration.
เกจวัดแรงอัดกระบอกสูบ held another 50th anniversary celebratory event in India as 2022 was drawing to a detailed. The occasion held in November was attended by the workers and clients from everywhere in the country, these training and celebration actions commemorated the lengthy history of this business group based in Banyoles over half a century in the past as a small pump manufacturing firm.